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Packing : How to Get Your Things from Point A to Point B in One Piece

A chipped heirloom, a damaged clock, a broken figurine. Moving does not have to result in these heartbreaking casualties. Safeguarding your belongings from the rigors of transit takes planning, appropriate materials, and some know-how. These tips should get you on your way:

· Decide what will go with you and what will go on the truck.
· Locate and put aside valuables such as jewelry, medical and financial records, and other important papers to carry with you.
· Pack items you seldom use first.
· When possible, combine items that will go together in your new home.
· Box everything you can. Boxed objects stand a greater chance of arriving intact.
· Decide what you will need to access as soon as you arrive at your destination. Write "Open First" on these boxes and load them onto the truck last.
· Do not move flammable items: empty lawnmowers and propane tanks according to the manufacturers' instructions.

· Purchase 2-inch wide packing tape to seal boxes. Masking tape may not be strong enough to secure the bottom of a full box.
· If possible, pack televisions, computer and electronics equipment in original cartons.
· Obtain boxes from the mover or collect sturdy boxes with lids and, preferably, handles. Copier paper boxes from your office and strong cartons from local supermarkets and liquor stores are ideal.
· Purchase specialty boxes, such as wardrobe and mirror/painting cartons, from your mover. Wardrobe boxes are specially designed to transport clothing on hangers, and mirror/painting cartons adjust to fit large sizes.
· Gather a variety of marking pens-from thick felt-tip to medium point-for marking boxes and signs and for keeping track of inventory.
· Obtain unprinted newsprint and/or bubble wrap to protect glassware, plates and other fragile pieces.
· For self-moves, consider renting an appliance dolly. Tie objects in place with rope or twine. (Remember to bring along a knife.) . For added security, rent a dolly with a self-tightening. Rags, blankets, and towels can be used for padding. Have large plastic bags or shrink wrap on hand to protect furniture. For helpful hints on loading, contact your truck rental company.

· Plants don't generally travel well long distances, especially if temperatures fall below 40°F or rise above 90°F. For short hauls, place plants in boxes, and cover with plastic with air holes.
· Use masking tape to secure lids to jars and bottles; hold down moveable parts; and affix nuts, bolts, screws or nails to associated items.
· Pack heavy items in small, heavy-duty cartons; keep boxes to 50 lbs. or less.
· Use large boxes for light items such as children's toys.
· Clearly mark room destination on top and on at least one side of every carton.
· Print BR-1 or BR-2 on bedroom boxes and tape corresponding signs on the bedroom doors to avoid confusion.
· Remove the glass carousel from the microwave and wrap it in paper or bubble wrap.
· To pack plates: Create a 3- to 4-inch cushion of crumpled paper in a sturdy box or dish pack. Wrap each plate in newsprint. To expedite the process, wrap up to four plates at a time: Take two sheets of newsprint, place a plate slightly off center, fold paper over the plate, then stack a plate on top of the covered plate. Fold paper back over the second plate and repeat this process until four plates are wrapped. Now wrap the bundle and place it on end in the box. Continue to fill the box with bundled plates, then top it with 2 to 3 inches of crumpled paper.
· To pack glasses: Stuff a bit of paper inside a glass, wrap the stem then wrap each piece individually. Place glasses face down on a 3- to 4-inch cushion of crumpled newsprint. Top off the box with 2 to 3 inches of crumpled paper.
· To pack lamps and lampshades: Fill a box with 3 to 4 inches of cushioning. Remove the lampshade from the lamp. Place plenty of crumpled paper around the lamp and around and inside the shade. Blankets and clothing can also be used as padding. Provide a 2-inch cushion at the top of the carton.

For more pointers on packing, talk with your moving company representative or with your real estate professional.

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