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Moving? Strategies for Selecting a New School

Take out a pen. To pass Relocation 101, your assignment is to complete a major project designed to test your research skills, interviewing techniques, and ability to categorize, analyze and synthesize data. Findings will be presented for peer review (read your spouse). In lieu of a grade, the measure of your efforts will be your child's happiness and future prospects. No pressure here.

Without a doubt, "select a school" should rank high on your "to do" list when searching for a new home.

Take Stock and Take Time to Reflect
How can you zero in on the best school for your child? Learn as much as you can about your child's needs by visiting with current teachers. Have them assess your child developmentally, academically, and socially. Find out how your child learns best and what you might look for in a new program.

Next, articulate what your family values in an education. Consider your preferences for class size and co-curricular and other programs such as sports, music, art, enrichment, and foreign language. Does your child require special services? Do you favor certain teaching methods or philosophies ā la Montessori? Is religious instruction a concern? What about public education versus private or parochial?

Do Your Homework
Having established your child's needs and your family's requirements, you're ready to commence your quest for facts. Seek out a variety of sources that will aid you in the decision-making process:
Schedule a Visit
Your investigation would not be complete without personally visiting each school that interests you. Schedule time with an administrator, preferably the principal, and a teacher at your child's grade level and arrange to tour the campus and sit in on two or three classes, if appropriate. Also, request that a copy of the student handbook and any other prepared materials be sent to you. Your questions might include:

Review Your Findings
Of the schools you've identified, does one more than any other meet your child's needs and your family's requirements? If so, can you imagine your child thriving in that environment? If the answer is yes, you've got a match.

Because the school is the hub of many neighborhood activities, it affords opportunities to meet and develop bonds among the children and their parents. In the end, the happiness of the entire family may well rest on your choice of school. Again, no pressure here.

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