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Subject: Photography Gives You Your Best Shot at a Picture-Perfect Move

Today's photographic technology gives home buyers a clear advantage. Cameras-instant and digital-and camcorders provide a vivid record of viewed homes as well as specific features.

Each photographic system has its own merits in relation to the home buying process. For instance, camcorders capture the entire experience, sight and sound, while instant cameras lock in on important features. The newest technology, digital cameras, can expose your dream house to the masses. With a click of a mouse, you can e-mail a gallery of great shots to friends and family.

The following tips tell how you can use state-of-the-art imagery for a more efficient and streamlined move.

Bring along snapshots of your current home when you meet with your real estate agent. Discuss what you like and don't like. Because most people are visually oriented, a snapshot can perfectly exemplify something you're trying to describe.

Keep an instant camera with you when you run errands. As you spot homes representing styles that interest you like, pull over and take a picture. Give the photos to your real estate agent.

Take along an instant camera and plenty of film on each scouting trip to avoid the "which home was it?" syndrome. At day's end, instead of asking yourself, "was that the home on Myrtle or Main?," you'll have an instant record of your outing. To keep track of what you've seen, snap a picture of the front and back of each home you'd like to revisit. Be sure to write the address on each photo.

With the permission of the seller, photograph every room of the home and any features of particular interest, positive or negative, such as attractive built-in shelves or crumbling plaster in need of repair. This will help you to evaluate the home objectively and critically.

Create a photographic chronicle of the homes you're seriously considering. Mount the photos on construction paper and add in your notes pertaining to each home. Make a side-by-side comparison of the features. What distinguishes one home from another?

Bring along a camcorder if you're relocating to a new area. Often, relocation benefits provide house hunting trips for only the transferring employee and spouse. Children and dependents may be left home. You can involve the entire family in the relocation process by videotaping scenes of the prospective school, the route between school and home, a local playground, and a senior citizen center. In fact, tape any scenes that would interest those making the move. As you tape, describe the scene, placing it in context, so viewers can thoroughly experience your new community.

Revisit the home at different times of the day, especially during rush hours and videotape the area should any family members have concerns about traffic volume and noise levels.

Videotape inside the home if the sellers will give you permission to do so. As you tape, walk from room to room and point out items of interest: "This will be your room, Nancy. And here's the perfect spot for your toy chest." Familiarizing the family with the new location goes a long way to alleviate anxiety while creating excitement about the move.

Even after you've made the biggest buying decision of your life, you'll continue to find great uses for your photos: Announce your big news with a computer-generated change of address card and feature your favorite photo on the cover. And when you decide to redecorate, bring along instant photos of the rooms to help in the selection of paint and wallpaper. (Please note: the photos and video you take should be for your personal use only and not be used for any commercial purposes.)

As the years pass, you'll find even more uses for your photos and you'll appreciate having a visual history of your home.

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